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THE COMPANY SIGMARHOH DO BRASIL LTDA, started its activities in 1994, with the mission of producing high precision parts for replacement in pumps and industrial equipment, applied in the area of ​​drilling and production of oil & gas, petrochemical and mining, in addition to providing services specialized rental and maintenance in this sector. It was formed by professionals from companies such as PETROBRAS / DEPER, TRW MISSION, INSTITUTO DO ALCOOL E AÇUCAR (ALAGOAS), WEATHERFORD and STARLOY. In 2006, SIGMARHOH started a process of incorporation with the company CJN FERRAMENTARIA, based in Caxias do Sul / RS, a company specialized and certified in the manufacture of industrial dies and molds, with an emphasis on the automotive industry. In 2007, SIGMARHOH was disincorporated, but started to compose the corporate structure with a professional founder of CJN. SIGMARHOH DO BRASIL LTDA, from 2005, started an industrial modernization process, replacing and / or introducing last generation machines, with CNC technology (Computer Numerical Command), expanding its manufacturing capacity and quality assurance. It uses the recommendations of the I.A.D.C. in its projects. (INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF DRILLING CONTRACTORS), as well as, the main norms in force in this sector of activities such as: API, DIN, ASTM, ABNT, etc. Headquartered in the State of Sergipe, SIGMARHOH DO BRASIL LTDA, is located close to UFS (Federal University of Sergipe) and 2,000 m from PETROBRAS UN SEAL headquarters. It has its own area of ​​1,500 m2, built, divided into 6 (six) buildings, 5 (five) in industrial warehouses and warehouses and 1 (one) two-story building comprising the administrative / commercial sectors. Also SIGMARHOH, maintains in various points of Brazil under the influence of the oil industry, representatives and agents to guarantee systematic technical / commercial assistance to its products with its customers. We are a family owned and operated business. We are a family owned and operated business.

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