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Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan summarizes everything we want to be: an energy company with a high level of performance, with a focus on Research and Development (R&D), always aligned with the commitment to have a greater generation of value and directing its resources, supporting itself on the pillars of Quality, Safety, Environment and Health (QSMS), ensuring the development of customized solutions to meet the specific needs of each client.


Sigmarhoh's way of being should always be present in its activities, according to its strategies, plans and actions, which aim to develop and produce machines, pumps and equipment for the prospecting and extraction of oil, parts and accessories, as well as, rental and specialized maintenance in this segment. Sigmarhoh's way of being is based on the pursuit of business success, developing in a sustainable way, always in harmony with the environment and, thus, contributing to the economic and social development in the communities where Sigmarhoh operates, starting from establishing environmental improvement programs, such as preventing pollution, giving priority to physical and mental integrity, the health and well-being of our employees and neighbors, with a commitment to comply with all environmental, health and safety laws and regulations. occupational safety. The Ethical Principles should always guide Sigmarhoh's business, commitments, actions and decisions in its relations with its customers and employees, guaranteeing an integrated vision based on the maximum collaboration and synergy of those who make the company, seeking to provide quality and timely service to customers. commitments made to customers, aiming at the continuous improvement of methods and processes, minimizing the generation of rework and achieving the effectiveness of our products and services. Make overcoming challenges a constant search for solutions to achieve the company's strategic objectives, always being attentive to positive changes based on the inspiration and creation of its employees, as well as, valuing and recognizing, in a different way, people and teams with high performance, which constantly seek to generate value from the discipline of capital and cost management, guaranteeing non-discrimination in respect of human diversity, in all its forms. This document represents the commitment of Sigmarhoh employees to the Integrated Management System.


To be a national reference in products and services with a focus on drilling, oil production, mining and petrochemicals, always maintaining respect and safety for people and the environment.

Produce high precision parts for replacement in pumps and industrial equipment, applied in the area of ​​drilling and production of oil & gas, petrochemicals and mining, in addition to providing specialized rental and maintenance services in this sector.



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